Personal Training in West Lothian

Here at Lee McGrorty Fitness all our Personal Training is carried out on a one to one basis in our fully equipped modern gym in Bathgate. During your personal training it will only be you and your personal trainer present, no one else will be in the gym during your session.

We have two fully kitted out gyms including a range of high specification cardio equipment and a full range of weight training machines and free weights. Our gyms have the capabilities to carry out a wide range of training. More information on the types of specific training we do can be read below.

Each Personal Training session costs £25 per session and payments must be made one month in advance. Payments can be made either by cash or cheque. All we ask here at Lee McGrorty Fitness is to arrive 5mins before your session and if you cannot make a session to cancel it 48hrs in advance or a cancellation fee will occur.

Personal training is suited for anyone, from any the age of 14-80 and from any fitness level. We have clients who are sportsmen/sportswomen through to people who haven’t ever been to a gym before coming to us for personal training.

Before any Personal Training is carried out you will have your induction which is also your first consultation this also costs £25 for your first session. During your first consultation we will spend a full session going over the following areas with you:

  • Full Body Analysis
  • Checking of blood pressure
  • Heart Rate check
  • Body Fat check
  • Muscle Mass check
  • Water Retention check
  • Body Mass Index check
  • Weight and Height
  • Body Measurements
  • Skin Fold
  • Full Lung Function Test
  • Medial Questions Asked
  • Fitness Questionnaires
  • Discuss the type of program you would be looking doing
  • Go over your general fitness

After your initial session/induction we would then put together a unique specific program to match your requirements and your aims in doing personal training. You would then begin your fitness sessions after this has been carried out.

Lee Mcgrorty and his personal trainers have the highest level of qualifications for personal training and are also qualified nutritional therapists so you know you will be in good hands.

Personal Training West Lothian Personal Trainers Personal Training West Lothian

Benefits & Aims of Personal Training

  • One to One training meaning you have someone on hand to help you and make sure you get the best out of your fitness regime
  • You and your trainer only present in the gym at one time. No more distractions and a fully equipped gym on hand for you to use with no one else present. No more waiting round for a machine and also takes away the intimidation of going to a busy gym
  • Feel good about yourself and your well being
  • Gain more self confidence and self belief
  • Overall change in body and appearance
  • Skiving cannot be present at personal training as you have personal trainer right beside you at all times meaning you will get 100% out of your session where as if you go to a gym you might only get 25% of your ability.
  • Specific unique programs created to your own needs/aims. Meaning you will achieve goals faster and more effectively. Also much safer as the personal trainer will be on hand to make sure all areas of your training is being carried out successfully.
  • You will have full attention during your session from our professional and friendly trainers
  • Prevent illness and diseases in future by keeping fit and keeping your body active and in good shape
  • Get private and confidential advice on all areas of your lifestyle; diet etc as part of your programvailable

Here at Lee McGrorty Fitness we have a wide variety and range of types of Personal Training which we offer. Many people come to us all with different aims/ambitions/ and targets so we are involved in many different types of training. Some of the types of training we do include:

We get many people come to us who are looking to loss weight and gain a healthier, fitter lifestyle. We develop a specific program for each person depending on there targets/ and general fitness. Working at all times with Polar heart monitors on at all times, we push our clients to a specific fat burning percentage of their heart rate. During this type of training we would do a full range of cardiovascular types of exercises. These would include running indoors/outdoors, rowing, cross trainer, stepper, cycling bike, skipping, boxercise, circuit training.

All programs are varied for each specific client. We also look closely at client’s diet and help them get results faster with our experience and nutritional background. We have already seen many great successes with clients doing this type of training.

Here at Lee McGrorty Fitness in 2010 we will be working closely with local schools working with overweight children who have experienced bullying at school due to there weight. This is something which we are looking forward to working with local children on and see a healthier/fitter Scotland.

Here at Lee McGrorty Fitness not only do we get people looking to lose weight we also get a varied amount of people who are hard gainers who find it hard to put on weight. They come to us looking to gain weight and muscle mass. We carry out this type of training by doing circuit training and pushing them through a resistance weight program. We have all the machines and free weights in our gym to carry out this type of training. We have already seen many great successes with clients doing this type of training.

We do a full range of types of general cardio fitness programs. We have something to suit a variety of fitness levels. So if you are looking to get fitter and feel better about yourself, this type of fitness would be the best for you. You will be surprised with our dedicated one to one training who fast you will get results. Fitter is always Better.

We currently have a contract with Chest/Heart and Stroke Foundation Scotland and we now train over 20 Clients who have had strokes and heart attacks in the past. This is a very specific type of training and a great deal of time/planning and care is taken to make sure their program is safe for the client. Our cardio fitness training can help prevent future attacks and problems.fic and Rehab Training

We have recently seen ourselves working with talented sportsmen/sportswomen for specific training goals that they need an extra push with. Helping them with rehab also for their injuries and help them prevent future injuries by helping them with their posture and correct training methods. We also advise them on diet/supplements.

We have trained boxers, footballers, runners, and many more types of sports people.

Below are some photos our 2 modern personal training studios in Bathgate, West lothian

Our Modern CV Equipment Our Modern Gym Lee McGrorty Personal Training

Our Modern CV Equipment Our Modern Gym Lee McGrorty Personal Training